How To Lose Belly Fat

How many have known about belly fats related health risk? May be few person answers most probably come like this. Lets focuses some points here

what exactly a belly fat?

Different types of fats accumulates in different part of body. For example, subcutaneous fat lies just below the skin. Similarly belly fats are visceral fats which accumulates in the space between and around visceral organs like stomach and intestine.

Now question arises how it becomes harmful ??

The visceral fat in middle of our body releases some chemical toxins leads to interruption of body functions. Some are cytokines that boost the chances of heart diseases and also interrupt in release of insulin that leads to develop diabetic condition.

Health risk factors associated with belly fat:-

  • Heart diseases
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Insulin secreation resistance
  • Some cancers

There may be the case that you are not gaining too much weight still diagonised as prone to diabetes, obesity often leads to hypertension etc. It is due to over accumulated fats in belly portion but you are not acknowledging it.

Causes of excess belly fat

  • Sedentary life style
  • Taking too many processed food
  • Stressed
  • Genetic causes
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Age factor
  • Lack of knowledge about the fat
  • Improper ways of doing exercises
  • skipping of 8 hr sleep
  • Lack of motivation

Before proceeding any action, it should be necessary to know the root causes of increasing the waistline. Sometimes major health issues also responsible for the belly fat. Its recommended if you are facing any type of health issues , should visit the physician for proper guidance.

How to Lose Belly Fat

Steps for losing belly fat

  • Proper diet plan
  • belly fat exercises
  • Follow up regime

Proper diet plan

Excessive calorie intake are the primary cause of getting belly fat. Kick start the day healthy options upon the unhealthy stuffs, which keep you fuller and energies whole day. It also helps in increasing metabolic rate of the body, which is the most essential part of decreasing belly fat. You should be aware that belly fat itself not decrease without reducing whole body fat.



Now see the proper diet plan to loose belly fat

  • You should break your meals into six small portion instead of having three large meals.
  • Don’t skip the breakfast, it’s quiet necessary to develop a healthy breakfast within an hour of waking up. It boots your metabolism whole day.
  • Lets discuss the six portion of diet plan

Breakfast :

  1. Protein : Two egg white, low fat skim milk, beans, sprouts, peanut butter, low fat paneer.
  2. Fibres : Oats, fruits, green vegetables.
  3. Good Carbohydrates : Oats, idli, porridge, poha, whole grain brown bread.

Your breakfast should contain one item from protein, fibres, and carbohydrates.

Say “No to Chemicals” : Junk food, packaged food, and food containing excess sugar. The processed foods comprises of chemical preservatives and MSG addictive substances, which increases your craving for further eating and decrease metabolic rate.

Snack Time :

  1. one bowl of any fruit of your choice.
  2. Some nuts (almonds, walnuts, berries, etc)
  3. milk or one bowl of low fat curd.

Snack should be the combination of any of the three.

Full Lunch :

  1. Full carbohydrates : Three roti, one cup brown rice,
  2. Fibre : One bowl vegetable salad with curd
  3. Protein : choose one bowl of any dal (lentil), chole, kidney beans, chicken breast, turky, fish, or paneer.

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Evening Snack :

  1. any fruits of your choice with curd
  2. Peanut butter plus one whole grain brown bread with green tea or black tea.

Dinner :

  1. One bowl salad
  2. Lean meat, fish, low fat paneer or brown rice khichdi.

Dinner should be light weight and two hours before sleep.

Bed Time : One cup warm skim milk, if you’re feeling hungry.

Tips to lose belly fat :

  1. Drink plenty of water atleast eight glass a day, that keeps you well hydrates.
  2. Replace liquid beverages as green tea, black tea, coconut water, lime water or butter milk.
  3. Avoid biscuits as it’s made from maida (white flour), which sticks to your intestine.
  4. Supplement for proper BMI function.
Supplement Percentage
Carbohydrates 33%
Veggies 15%
Proteins 12%
Little Sugar 7%

Belly Fat Exercises

Start with warming up of body/Cardio Exercises :

  1. push up 3 sets
  2. spot jogging/brisk walking for half an hour
  3. walking in treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike for 15 minute
  4. stair climbing atleast 200 per day

Abdominal Exercises :

Exercise Sets Reps
Lunge twist 3 10-15
Squat Jumps 3 8-12
Mountain Climber 3 10-15
Front plank twist 2 60 seconds
Side leg raise 3 12-15
Bicycle crunches 3 12-15




Weight Training : In addition to belly exercises, it also very effective to toned your body which give you a desire body shape. As weight lifting has many rumors but it actually works in your belly fat portions. You may try and see the results, i must say you won’t disappointed.

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Tips to reduce belly fat 

  1. You must know that main target is reducing fat weight instead of muscle weight.  
  2. Excess belly exercises should be avoided as it burns the muscles along with your fat.
  3. Swimming or playing badminton also effective in reducing belly fat.
  4. You may choose stairs instead of using lift.

Follow Up Regime

  1. Keep watch upon your belly size with measurement tape.
  2. Check your body weight in every week, which keeps you motivated.
  3. You may stick some sticker on kitchen  which reminds you of taking healthy diet.
  4. May listen some musics during belly fat exercises.

I got my desired result by following above methods. I hope you may also get better result by following “How to lose belly fat” article. Please share your experiences and also lets us know in the comment section. You may also share some other method which help you to lose belly fat.

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