Hazards Of Acetone Based Nail Polish Remover

Acetone is a strong inorganic solvents known as propanone in chemical composition form. It is very effective as a paint remover and easily dissolves all stubborn paint, dark nail polish colors without applying any force. But it leaves some harsh effects on nails , skin and some organs. Although quantity of acetone in nail polish is very less but still leaves some harmful effects. Long term uses may lead to serious skin problem but has manageable effects in short term uses. Some reports also says that long term uses of acetone may causes skin carcinoma. You should be aware about acetone which is now gaining popularity as acrylic nail removers.

Lets discuss all the effects:-

  • Frequent application of acetone removes a lot of natural oil from skin and appears as patchy white look.
  • Mild exposure to acetone might causes severe irritation to your throat and nasal passage and also affect your breathing. You may experience headache, drowsiness , confusion etc.

acetone based nail polish remover hazards

  • Act as a triggering agent in asthma suffered patients. It may leads to severity in asthmatic attack. It should be recommended to avoid using of acetone in asthma affected peoples.

acetone based nail polish remover hazards 2

  • As acetone evaporates quickly so it releases dangerous fumes which may affects your eyes that leads to tear and further irritation.
  • Dermatologist says over application of acetone in your nails and skin that significantly dries out the nail and skin becomes brittle, prone to breakage , split and appears lifeless due to its drying effects. Under chronic exposure you will get red dry and cracked skin around nails cuticle.

  • Might causes nausea and vomiting in severe cases.
  • Never used it around lit cigarettes or open fumes due to highly inflammable properties.

How Acetone actually works??

As we know acetone is a strong solvent hence it has the capability to dissolves polish or weakens acrylic nail and simultaneously it also dissolves the natural oil of that exposed area. Instantaneously evaporates the polish along with natural oil much faster than water. Therefore everyone experience cooling and drying effect but it doesn’t last longer if judiciously uses. And leaves some white and patchy looks.

Important tricks must be followed to avoid side effects of acetone

Many people don’t realise that the damage we do to our nails mostly from acetone based nail polish remover.  Easy tricks to protect your beautiful nails are

  • Add cuticle oil to your acetone and mix it with non acetone so it is not too harsh on your skin.
  • When used only once a week , it drying effects is temporary and quickly heals itself if it is used with olive oil and vitamin E.
  • Rub some olive oil or petroleum jelly on your skin and your nails before removing your polish so acetone evaporates that oil instead of natural oil.
  • By using white vinegar solution mixing with lemon juice for 20 to 25 minute to remove nail polish instead of acetone or acetone based remover.
  • You may try some household product such as rubbing alcohol with cotton pad. 
  • By dipping your nail in a mixture consists of two part of hydrogen peroxide and one part of hot water.  Hydrogen Peroxide as a cleaning agent so it may remove your nail polish and clean your nail.
  • You may apply nail polish over old nail polish, then immediately wipe of new nail polish until the old polish fades away.
  • Acetone containing bowl should be cover to avoid evaporation, so it protect your eyes forgetting irritation and also protect from fire. 

It best to make regular nail appointment to have a professional look but still if you want to do your nail cleaning or removing acrylic nails at home, then must get aware of Acetone side effects before application. If you follow these aforesaid trick, the effect of Acetone is minimum or temporary.

Feel free to share your experience by following these tricks or if you have other method, please type in the comment box. 




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