8 Simple Method To Remove Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are the latest emerging trend which attracts the nail lovers to get instant length and beautiful shape as they wishes. But it is also having short self life and should be stripped off before getting any problems nearly about 3 or 4 weeks. Already anyone pays off large to get it done by visiting the salon and then again rush to salon for removal effectively. It is a cumbersome and also expensive procedure to removing the acrylic nails. Therefore, we come here to familiarise with some simple and easiest method to strip off those rigid acrylic nails accompanying some useful precautions at home.

Removal With Acetone :

Acetone is easily available chemical in almost every household and medical stores.And majority of people knows this liquid solvent as a polish and glue remover.It easily dissolves the acrylic nail and helps in getting off from original nail.

Materials requires :

  • Nail clippers
  • Acetone
  • Nail buffer/files
  • Cotton balls/pads
  • Orange stick
  • Aluminium foils
  • Petroleum jelly
  • olive oil/ Moisturizer
  • Towel

Procedures :

  • Trim the tips of acrylic nail with nail clipper and cut off as much as possible.
    Note:- Must be taken care of nail bed to avoid cut.
  • Filing off the paint and remove as much of acrylic as possible with a fine grade buffer.
  • Apply petroleum jelly to moist the skin around the cutile.
    Note- Avoid too much application of jelly as it inhibits the penetration of acetone deeply.
  • Soak the cotton pad in acetone and put into your nail and immediately wrap aluminium foil over the cotton pad so to prevent evaporation of acetone.

       Note:- acetone always store in air tight container.

  • Place the foil wrap intact with nail for 25-30 min.
  • Remove the foil gently with care and acrylic nail, and again filing remaining acrylic portion over original nail.

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  • Dry with towel and immediately put on an olive oil or moisturizer as acetone dries the nail badly.
    Note:- Don’t put large amount of acetone.

Warm Acetone Method:

It is an alternate method for removing the stubborn acrylic nail. It also requires all above materials except Aluminium foil.

  • Trim the tips of your acrylic as short as possible
  • Put some warm water in a bowl & immerse the acetone bowl into it.

Tips : You may put heating water pad under neath the acetone bowl.

Note:- Don’t place Acetone in plastic cup & Styrofoam as it dissolves the cup due to inflammable properties.

  • Apply good amount of petroleum jelly to protect from harsh effect of acetone
  • Pry the cuticles of nail with orange sticks & put your nails in warm acetone for 25-30 minute until your nail have one softened and should be able to remove the acrylic nail from original.
  • Slowly put it out with tweezers.


  • If nails don’t get softened then immerse for more 15 min but don’t apply any forces to remove the acrylic otherwise it may injures your natural nail.

Note : You may add cuticle soften oil in Acetone to avoid over drying effect. 

  • After removing acrylic, immediately wipe your nails with towel and apply good amount of moisturizer as it get dry due to acetone
    Note:- not good method for acetone sensitive finger, should avoid this method and go to pro for removal.

Filing method :

Alternate method to remove acrylic without using harsh chemicals as acetone.

  • Trim the tips of your acrylic as short as possible by using nail clipper.
  • File your nails one by one until it becomes a thin layer left over your natural nail.Be careful to avoid any damage to natural nail.
  • Use a cuticle stick to pry up the edge of an acrylic nail and keep the scissor in the gap to start clipping away the acrylic.

  • Buff your nails to remove the left over traces of acrylic.
  • Apply the moisturizer to get soften the skin around nails.

Acetone free nail polish method :

As acetone leaves some harsh effects, there is an alternative method for acetone sensitive people that is known acetone nail polish removal method. It contain ethyl acetate which is not as effect as acetone, but it also be helpful in removal of acrylic and doesn’t leave too much drying effect.

  • Clipping the acrylic nail
  • Prying the pointy edges
  • Soak the nails in nail polish remover in a bowl
  • Wait for 30 to 40 minutes
  • Pull it out gently with tweezers, when it get loosen
  • If not succeeds, then try for more minute
  • Apply good amount of moisturize, to avoid any drying effect.

Dental Floss Method :

It is most effect method after the acetone method. Many people gives a good feedback after using this technique. There is no drying effect and inhalation of any chemical in the body.

  • Clipping and filing the acrylic nail as short as possible.
  • Use a orange cuticle stick to try up the bottom edge of nails.
  • Apply good amount of petroleum jelly around the corner of cuticle.
  • With the help of your partner, insert the dental floss under the bottom edge and hold two ends of dental floss.
  • Begin works as back and forth with the floss.

dental floss method acrylic nails

  • Pull the acrylic nail, when it get loosen.
  • Buff your nail to remove left over acrylic part over the natural nail.
  • Now immediately apply moisturize.

Aluminium Card or Business Card Method :

  • Clipping and filing the acrylic nail as short as possible.
  • Use a orange cuticle stick to try up the bottom edge of nails and make a small gap.
  • Apply good amount of petroleum jelly around the corner of cuticle.
  • Slightly slide the Aluminium Card into the gap with an upward motion.

Note : You may use debit card, credit card or any business card instead of Aluminium Card.

  • Gently remove the acrylic nail by using tweezers.

Warm Water Method :

If you don’t have the above listed material, you should try this to remove acrylic nails. Warn water method is also act as supplementary method to above cited method. This method need only warm water, which is available in every household. Soak your nails in 250ml of warm water in bowl and then gently rub it to remove the acrylic nails.

Pre Kit Method :

There are many ready made Pre-Kit available in the market to remove acrylic nails most effectively. You have to pay little more money as compared to above method but better than to visit any salon.

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