How to Lose Weight in Healthy Manner

Weight loss is the most common topic getting limelight among all the age groups. Youngsters, middle age groups people and even though largely found in old age people. There may be so many reasons prevail behind the weight loss programme. Some wants to be look fit in front of mirror and some others want to be fit forever to avoid health issues. But everyone have a one motto to be confident by representing themselves as a fit person. May I right?? Yeah, its not a tricky procedure at all as people think.


There are many ways available to loose weight faster. Most popular ways are like skipping out the breakfast, cut short the meals, hitting the gyms and searching more products which loose your fats without putting any efforts etc. Have you got any positive results? Replies came big “No”. These are all unhealthy options to loose weight. If anyone succeeded then that is very negligible in kilos with some negative impacts. Many peoples hitting gym like hell but most of them did not get proper results and get demotivated easily.

Lets discuss about the facts behind every unsuccessful results:-

Actually weight loss procedure depends upon a single formula:-

Calorie intake – Calorie burn = weight loss

For example, if anyone have taken 1800 calorie throughout the day , then he has to burn 2000 calories. After then you will get negative 200 calorie loss. It indicates body have burned all 1800 calories with extra 200 and you will get short of 200 calories.

That negative 200 will shred your some fat. In this way anyone will achieve the target “fit from fab”.

Cut the calories

Most of the researchers and nutritionist also accepted that the body weight mostly judged upon how much calories a people intake. About 70% of weight loss depends upon your diet and last 30 depends upon workout regime. Therefore, many people after doing so much cardio exercises, weight lifting etc but not getting proper result. Why should not go with healthiest option?

 simple healthiest method to loose weight

  • Don’t skip the breakfast and kick start the day with healthiest protein diet. Our body already starved more than 9 hrs through the night and it requires to fueling the body with heaviest diet. Then only body get start functioning in proper manner and helps in increasing the basic body metabolic rate. Some protein diet are like milk, oats, poridges, idli dosa sambar, fruits, whole wheat brown bread with omelet etc.
  • Avoid the junks food through opting for fruits, veggies and home made food. Green leafy vegetables and fruits have lots of fibre and water content which keeps us fuller throughout the day. It also have antioxidant properties which protects our body from diseases.

Young healthy woman with fruits

  • May opt for green tea and black coffee instead of packed sugary drinks. Green tea has a good source of antioxidant properties and increases the body metabolic rate which is effective in weight loss. Black coffee without milk also sustains it weight loss property. Caffeine combined with chlorogenic acid produces an enhanced fat burning effects.

Eat protein rich food

Protein helps in bone strengthens, cell repair, new cell generation, muscle growth and increasing blood circulation. Therefore, it is a most appropriate diet for sport person and fitness freak people. Some natural proteins may readily available as dal, lentil, spinach,beans, toffu, paneer, fish, red meat, chicken breasts eggs and all diary products suh as milk, yoghurt, cheese etc.

Low carbohydrate diet in every meal

Carbohydrate is a energy producing diet, which require for healthy maintenance  and act as a building block of body that should be kept minimal, such as brown rice instead of white rice, chapati without oil butter, whole grain brown bread instead of white bread etc. 

Go forward for saturated fatty diet

These are considered as a good fat with lots of minerals, vitamins, folate, protein, and specially antioxidant properties, for example peanuts, almonds, olive-oil, ghee, raisins etc. It should be eat in moderation.

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day, at-least 8 glass of water and keep hydrate your body. Must try to drink 30 minute before meal to cut-short your meal by aiding fullness.
  • Best opted for minimal carbohydrate diet to our before sleep, mostly replaces with veg soup, salad, protein etc.
  • Start the day with healthy habits of brisk walking, swimming, jogging, and stretching at-least half an hour a day.
  • Of course cardio exercises, weight lifting, some yoga postures, squats, lunges, pellets, and stretching exercises are the supplement to healthy diet for weight loss programme.  It gives a good shape to the body. It should be done at-least four days in a week.

weight loss exercise

  • Take a good sleep of 8 hours, it restores all the metabolic energy, which helps in muscle growth by relaxing the body.

I must say, after following these golden rules, you’ll definitely loose your targeted body weight within a month. Don’t forget that weight loss process should be done in slow and steady manner. It makes your body not only externally fit but internally beautiful. If you’ve any query or more tips to loose weight, feel free to share with us via comment box.

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