Brown Rice Vs White Rice : Nutritional Based Comparison

Rice is considered as staple food mostly consumed in Asian countries. It is an healthiest option among all age groups. Now-days, people are wondering different forms of rice which one is best opted for. White rice are used widely all over the world. Brown rice are also getting popular as for healthiest reason over white rice. Actually is it the fact what makes it limelight?? Lets check out for the comparison between brown rice and white rice.

White rice is nothing but a polished form of brown rice.Basically rice is a whole grain food as all of us known to it. After ripening the seed, rice goes for processing, extracting and removing the outer layer parts which makes it easily digestible and palatable. 

As per structural  form, rice is made up of three different layers.

  • Outer part is the bran which comprises fibre, antioxidants B vitamins, phytochemicals, and the majority of the minerals.
  • Middle layer is endosperm which gives us protein, carbohydrate and vitamin B and minerals.
  • Inner most part is the germ layer that contains fat, phytochemicals, vitamin B & E etc.

rice structure

Here the fact is that the brown rice is containing all these three layers but white rice only comprises endosperm layer.White rice is a refined form of rice after removing bran and germ layer which raises its self life and gives it a appealing texture. Simultaneously it looses some of its nutritional values as compare to brown rice but in negligible manner.But don’t forget that every good parts also have some bad cons.

rice refining process

Brown rice is better option over white rice but how?

As it contains all the three major layers of whole grain, it provides us many nutritional values. these are the following nutrients in brown & white rice.

brown rice vs white rice nutrition comparison

Fiber– Rich in soluble fiber which makes us feel full for longer and reduces the chances of over eating, thereby promoting weight loss. Fiber also promotes regular bowel movement and aids digestion.

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It has low Glycemic Index compared to white rice. Low GI helps in stabilizing blood  glucose levels and reduces the risk of developing type two diabetes. It is also free from cholesterol. 

It is believed to be good source of Phytonutrients that have anti-inflammatory properties and tend to act as antioxidants. 

Brown rice is an excellent source of Manganese which is responsible for energy production and antioxidant properties.

It also contain Selenium, which is effective in thyroid hormone production, antioxidant protection, and immune function.

It is beneficial for pregnant and breastfeeding women as it contains good quantity of Magnesium. Magnesium is necessary for many vital functions, such as blood coagulation, muscle contraction, cellular production and bone development.

How white rice over-dominant the brown rice?

  • Brown rice contains antinutrients such as phytic acid and arsenic that may reduce your body’s ability to absorb certain nutrients.
  • Although phytic acid is also having good healthy properties, it also reduces your body’s ability to absorb iron and zinc from the diet. Therefore, its seems not so beneficial to people who eat varied diet.
  • Brown rice may also contains toxic chemical called Arsenic which may leads a contributing factor to cancer if intake of brown rice for long term basis.
  • Due to protective layer in Brown rice, it’s not recommended for the people having poor digestive system. 

However, this should not be a problem if you eat rice in moderation as part of a varied diet. Brown rice is an ideal choice for the health conscious and a substitute for your regular white rice. So, dig in and find yourself in the brown of health!!!

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